Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Helping Crow's Feet with a Pill?

Wow, I apologize for such a gap in posts! I've just started grad school and I'm working two jobs, so needless to say, life is busy.

The good news is that for my program at Northwestern, I'm a Health and Sciences Reporter for Medill News Service with a focus on aging. So that means I get to cover stories on beauty treatments, score!

Check out my first article. There's a really cool study being done by the makers of Nature Made supplements, showing that a certain supplement may help with crow's feet.

Check it out here!

Good luck and keep looking beautiful.

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  1. Although there are medications that could treat crow's feet but if for those who cannot take the pill you can at least try not to squint. This is because contracting the large muscles around your eyes is a significant cause of these wrinkles.