Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skin Effects Glycolic Peel Kit

Courtesy: CVS
I've mentioned before that I love the Skin Effects line which you can find at CVS, both in-store and online. I recently tried the Glycolic Peel Kit and I really love it. ($24.99)

It's a two-part system. First, you'll want to wash your face and dry it. Then you rub a glycolic pad (clearly marked "Step 1") over your face and let that sit for about a minute. It will tingle a little bit. Then you rub a soothing pad (marked "Step 2") over your face. I let that sit for about a minute and then apply my eye and face cream.

I noticed results right away and my skin was so smooth afterwards. I also felt like my face was a little tighter. Glycolic products are known for helping dimish fine lines and even out skin tone. They also reduce blotchiness and the appearance of pores.

Good luck and keep looking beautiful!

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