Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Skinny on Botox

In life, there are two kinds of women. Women who get Botox and brag about its fabulousness, and those who get Botox, but lie and say they don't. Haha.

August 2007
A lot of you have asked me about Botox, and here's the deal: it rocks. Yes it's expensive and it hurts to get done, but it's truly the best thing for smoothing out lines and wrinkles. Another great advantage is that it helps your skin in the future. He's a blurb from Dr. Oz's website...

"The longer patients use it, the better they look, as the body actually "heals in" wrinkles when they are not continually recreated."

I've definitely noticed this on my face. I haven't used Botox in about 6 months, but my crow's feet are much less defined these days thanks to this and the other treatments and products I use.

The most common place to get Botox is between the eyebrows where a lot of people have those deep lines from years of furrowing their brows. (Like Carrie on Sex and the City for the first 3 seasons--noticably gone in later seasons.) You can also get it done in your forehead, crow's feet or around the mouth.

July 2010
Botox is about $12-$15 a unit (that's in Chicago, probably less in other places) and according to Dr. Oz, you usually need 13-30 units for the vertical lines on the forehead, 10-20 for the horizontal ones, 8-20 for crow's feet and 5-10 for around the mouth. I just found out Refine Medical Spa in Chicago is offering $10 a unit for one day only, Tuesday, July 26th. Call (312) 867-0600. Score!

Before you get it done, ask the doctor to numb the area and they usually have those little stress balls you can squeeze in your hands. Also, remember to breath so you don't pass out!

Keep in mind, everyone and their brother is offering Botox these days. There's a deal in Chicago today to get it done cheaper at a dentist's office. Don't do that. Only go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist with a good education and reputation. You can find a doctor in your area here. Don't get fooled with good deals, because your safety is the first priority!

Good luck and keep looking beautiful!

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  1. Your July 2010 photo is very different from your August 2007 photo. You've gotten more beautiful. Your skin seems to be radiating and glowing inside and out. Splendid! =)