Sunday, May 1, 2011

The awesomeness of RoC

One of my favorite over-the-counter beauty brands is RoC, a full skin care line developed in France. The company uses Retinol in their products (they were actually the first) which is a must for anti-aging. Retinol is a purified form of vitamin A which helps stimulate skin renewal, therefore reducing the appearance of wrinkles. When we're younger, not only do we not have to pay bills/rent/mortgage, we also have skin that is smooth and wrinkle-free. That's because our cells are constantly renewing themselves, but just like our driving, that slows down as we age. Luckily retinol helps.

I currently use three RoC products including the skin renewing serum, the retinol correxion eye cream and a new fun product, the daily resurfacing disks.

The skin renewing serum is great for dimishing wrinkles, helping even out skin tone and loss of firmness (think jawline and neck.) I use this about 3 times a week at night, after I've washed my face and before I use my moisturizer. It's oil-free and lightweight, so you won't break out.

The retinol correxion eye cream evens out crow's feet and helps with dark circles and puffiness. I've just been using this at night, but I'm going to start using it in the morning too. If you're new to retinol (I've been using it for about a year), start off slowly because it might irritate your skin. At first my skin turned red and was a little sensitive, but now I don't have any problems.

My latest buy are the daily resurfacing disks and I love them! They are little disks full of soap, so you wet them and lather your face. There's a textured side for exfoliation which I use on my chin and nose, and a smooth side which I use for more delicate areas like under the eyes. The product smells great and helps diminish fine lines while washing your face.

You can find RoC products at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Ulta. (Pictures courtesy

Good luck ladies and keep looking beautiful!


  1. Jeannie will you share your morning and evening routines for your skin care and what products you use. I loved this post and plan on trying Roc products. I love this blog!!

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer! Yes, I will....keep reading :)