Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Favorite Hairsprays

When I worked as a morning reporter, my hair had to withstand some pretty harsh weather conditions--100% humidity and hurricanes in Southwest Florida, wind and wildfires in Colorado and tornadoes and rain in Indiana. Phew.

Because of that, I learned which hairsprays work well and which ones can't hold up for 5 hours of live TV.

By far the strongest hairspray I ever used is Aussie's Instant Freeze Aerosol Hairspray. This stuff is like glue. (You'll have to wash your hair everyday if you use this.) I'm guessing most of you don't need that kind of hold, so I have two other recommendations. First is Sebastian's Shaper aerosol hairspray. This stuff holds really well and has a pretty good scent too. I definitely use this on days when Chicago's humidity is at top levels.

I also discovered another hairspray this weekend. I bought a trial size of Chi's Enviro 54 Firm Hold Hair Spray. (I use other Chi products and love them, but had never tried the hairspray until recently.) This stuff held my locks through an outdoor wedding in Hilton Head, SC and continued holding my curls through the night. The bonus? Chi products smell amazing!

Good luck and keep looking beautiful!

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