Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't Forget the Protection

Wow, what a beautiful day in Chicago! It hit 90 degrees in some areas, breaking a new record. After one of the gloomiest and rainiest April's in years, I greeted today with open arms.

Courtesy: Elle.com
With summer temperatures increasing and the sun shining longer, don't forget to wear sunscreen! And no, the sunscreen in your foundation is not enough. (Trust me, I've asked.) The fastest way to look older than you are is not wearing sunscreen, so just do it!

If you're like me, one of the things holding you back is the greasiness or bad smell associated with a lot of sunscreens. Luckily, they've come a long way baby. I just bought Neutrogena's Age Shield Face + Repair in 55 SPF. It's not only a sunscreen, it also helps with anti-aging. Winning! Plus it's lightweight and doesn't have a scent.

There are a lot of great sunscreens out there, just make sure they have the words "Oil-Free." Otherwise you might end up with some unwanted zits. Also, make sure you rub some on the top of your hands. A dermatologist gave me that tip to avoid age spots as we get older.

Good luck and keep looking beautiful!


  1. I'll definitely check it out...does it give you crazy insane shine? I love the shine up to spf 20 for under make up...that's my max, but perfect for the pool!!

  2. No Amber, it doesn't make me shiny either. I think you'll love it!

    Thanks for becoming a follower :)


  3. No Amber, it doesn't give me shine. I think you'll love it!!