Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Should You Apply Skincare Products?

As my medicine cabinet is looking more and more like a CVS or Walgreens store shelf, I'm running into this dilemma...which order should I be applying these products?

You've probably wondered the same thing, so I did a little research on the topic. I found most experts agree you want to apply the thinnest-consistency creams first and then follow with the thicker ones--that's because lightweight products can't penetrate the heavier ones. Dr. Jessica Wu, a nationally recognized dermatologist, jokes that putting products on in the wrong order is like wearing underwear over your pants. Well said.

Experts say this is the application order you should follow after cleansing your face. (For my sensitive skin, I don't cleanse again in the morning, I just use a mild toner.)

  1. Medicated or prescription strength creams. Many women (myself included) use topical acne medications, so apply those first.
  2. Serums or antioxidants. Anything that is packed with power, like retinoids, should be applied second (or first if you aren't using an acne cream.) Now keep in mind retinol can increase your sensitivity to the sun, so it's best applied at night.
  3. Eye creams. Sometimes I apply this after my face cream, it just depends on which one I'm using and its consistency. If they are thinner or contain retinol, I always apply those before face creams.
  4. Face creams. Women don't always need these in addition to a serum, especially in the summer, so use your best judgement on how dry or oily your skin is.
  5. Finally, apply sunscreen. Try to find an SPF 50 for maximum benefit, and if you're acne prone, use an oil-free product like a lightweight gel.
Courtesy: Sephora
Then I apply a make-up primer. (Smashbox's Photo Finish primer rocks!) Primers are great because they help fill in lines and even out skin tone. Sephora has primers for every skin care need, so check it out.

Good luck and keep looking beautiful!

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  1. Good job pretty girl!! Always good to apply eye creams first. Think thinest to thickest. Will serums absorb like they are suppose to if you apply RX acne creams first? Never really thought about that. Ask your derm and let me know.